It’s not easy to plan a funeral for your loved ones and you can be guided through many decisions with the help of your chosen Funeral Director. However there is also the need to address the content of the funeral and this is where a non-denominational Celebrant can support you and conduct the service that you feel is most appropriate.


Although I may not have known your relative or the person close to you, I will spend as much time with you as you feel is needed in getting to know that person’s life, to understand their personality and about the beliefs that were important to them. I will talk to anyone whom you feel might be able to give some insight or relate stories and uncover memories.


Besides conducting the ceremony, I can also help you to choose music or poems and advise on readings. If you want musicians to play or singers to sing or verses read I could engage the appropriate professionals.


My role is to be there to support you in the days leading up to the funeral and on the day. Afterwards I will provide you with a folder of the event that will be a memory of all that has been said.


Please feel free to contact me in the first instance through my email address -